Tafaro & Associates

What Our Customers Have To Say

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“Tafaro & Associates led the transformation of our sales and client success processes. Their programs are strong on practical application and are put into practice easily. Their processes are repeatable and industry agnostic and yield lasting results because they’ve been adopted and embraced by our team. Subscribing to their Growth Accelerator framework transformed us and we’ve had 12 straight quarters of out-performance since hiring the Tafaro team.”

– President, DealCloud

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“Steve is a proven leader with extensive P&L and sales experience in technology-based business. Through his leadership we enjoyed a compounded growth rate close to 40% per year.”

– CEO, CyberShift

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“Steve’s hands on, practical approach was especially appealing. He provided us with a clear and practical road map for success, then helped us implement it while building our internal capabilities to ensure ongoing success.”

– Founder & CEO, The Burgiss Group

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“Tafaro & Associates has the experience, the know-how and the research to help small and early stage companies effectively compete in a world where sales and marketing are being reshaped by the impact of the internet.”

– President, SellXl.com

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“Steve has researched and distilled the best practices that distinguish top performing sales and marketing organizations, and successfully applied them to the practical realities of our selling environment.”

– CEO, Perfect Commerce

“Steve’s advice and guidance is based on years of experience and up-to-date knowledge of what it takes for small companies to consistently grow revenue in today’s market – it’s proven and it works.”

– COO, SunGard Investran

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“Any CEO of an early stage company who’s serious about top line revenue growth needs to engage Tafaro & Associates – they’ll get you there.”

– Founder, Scura Partners LLC

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“Steve has a proven process that is very well documented. He has helped me put a sales operations process in place, revamp our marketing strategy, evaluate and manage existing sales team members, plan for sales team growth, and has personally coached me and other team members on sales effectiveness. The difference in our results is remarkable.”

– Co-Founder, CORE 10


“Vistage is the catalyst that can help C-level executives of small to mid-sized companies work through complex issues and have their thinking challenged by a group of peers. Having access to a regular meeting of 15-20 exceptionally bright, talented, engaged business peers is simply invaluable.”

– CEO, Clear Mountain Partners